ORION DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE is a fully automated and computerized pathology laboratory with the latest and most modern equipment available today.

We are dedicated to comprehensive, high-quality, rapid-response laboratory testing at affordable prices. We use advanced technologies to provide information that is critical to the diagnosis and treatment of all diseases.

We are committed to maintain and improve the health of the patients we treat. We strive to provide excellence in health care through a wide range of services with quality health care delivery system that is both cost-effective and accurate.

Orion Diagnostics is certified by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare providers ( NABH), The highest recognition for quality patient care and safety in India. NABH Accreditation is a mark of excellence in patient safety and and quality care . It ensures,

  • 1. Commitment to creat environment of quality, efficiency, safety and accountability towards patient care.
  • 2. Stimulates continuous improvement
  • 3. Enables the lab to demonstrate Commitment to quality and safety.
  • 4. Standardization protocols and processes leading to operational excellence.
Orion NABH Certification